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Think Orange

In 2011, “Think Orange” launched with the specific purpose of partnering with parents to capitalize on key moments in the lives of their children & teens. These key

moments, from birth to graduation from high school, are

called “milestones.” The following are the milestone

moments where the church intentionally partners with

parents of FBC.

Milestone 1 (Newborn): Parenting Course preparing

parents for a parent-child dedication service.

Milestone 2 (3-4 Years Old): Parenting Course

teaching parents how to talk with their children about

Salvation and Good Touch / Bad Touch.

Milestone 3 (4th Grade): Overnight activity and

training session for parents that covers key issues

that their children will be facing.

Milestone 4 (8th Grade): Overnight purity and dating


Milestone 5 (Graduates & Parents): Overnight

celebration and formal launch of their graduate into


For more details head to the calendar under the What's Happening tab or contact Becky Roach at